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We aim to support you through the great emotional and physical changes becoming a parent brings, in a fun and relaxed way, through delivery of FEDANT approved classes, Doula service & Postnatal Transitional support, and through peer support programmes.


I like to keep it fun, light-hearted & honest, with Mummy at the centre of everything we do, and I am constantly adding to my skills and knowledge with training and experience, and hope to continue to develop the services I can offer here.


I hope that I will be able to help you through this amazing, yet sometimes overwhelming time in you life! x




Lucy Hill   

BSc, MSc, Mummy






BSc Medical Studies (University of Birmingham)

MSc Population Studies (University of York)

Birth & 4th Trimester Educator (The Daisy Foundation)

Birth Doula (Paramana Doulas)

Health Check Practitioner (NHS)

Previous Stop Smoking Specialist (NHS)


CPD in Management of Infantile Colic (Mum & Baby Academy)

CPD in Optimising Bonding & Attachment (Mum & Baby Academy)

CPD in Motivational Interviewing (PCTC)


FEDANT registered

Insurance held with Holistic Insurance

Level 2 Ofsted Recognised Peadiatric First Aid 2016

DBS checked 2017


I have a 7 year old son, and 4 year old daughter.
I am experienced within the healthcare sector and have undertaken research, health promotion activities, and worked with Pregnant women and New families both in this country and in Peru!


In my last pregnancy, I was found to carry GBS, so my plans for a relaxed home birth could not be realised – however, through using techniques I learnt through Daisy Birthing®, I was able to make it as close to the birth I wanted as I could within the confines of the hospital. This diagnosis however, along with bad SPD, and other stressful life events meant that I suffered with stress and Antenatal depression throughout the pregnancy .... when I noticed that after only one session, my SPD was more controllable, and my psychological outlook was 100% more positive, I realised this is something I wanted to be able to offer to other women (particularly the positive focus, and feeling of retaking control over your body and pregnancy – and the increased bonding I felt with my daughter through having some relaxation time to focus on her).


Care for women and unborn/newborn children has always been important to me, and has been shown in all my academic and professional achievements, as well as in my personal life as part of a large and close family.


I have had a passionate interest in helping Pregnant women, new Mums, and of course the babies involved – both with health outcomes, and psychological wellbeing. It is this ‘whole well-being’ approach which is vital for confident (and safe) pregnancies, birth and postnatal period.


I strongly believe in Happy Mummies being the key to Happy Babies xxx

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