Mummies Stretch & Relaxation Workshop

Using gentle stretches to relax the body, and relaxation segments to relax the mind - allowing you much needed time to focus on you, building confidence in yourself as a Mummy, and as an Individual!

Although using Yoga-inspired movements, this is not an exercise class, and so should not replace any other exercise programme. Rather this is a Relaxation class suitable for Mums 6weeks postnatally, onwards!


Taught in the evening, Mummies are encouraged to come without babies so that you can really feel the benefit of Relaxtion. There is also chance for a warm cup of tea and an open, peer supportive chat with myself and other Mummies.


Only once a month, pay as you go (£5), so you DONT have to feel guilty for having that time to yourself! You deserve it! x


Private sessions also available for more tailored support to suit your needs and stresses.

Contact me for more information.


"Postnatal classes are amazing! I've been to 2 now, and notice the difference immediately! Lucy is great, I wish I could get a recording of her relaxations at the end, I'd listen to it all night!" 

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