Buddy Scheme

BUDDY SCHEME allows you to talk to other Mums local to you about any concerns, and make new friends. ...When were pregnant, or as new Mums, we all have
our own challenges to deal with, and our own self-doubts. Sometimes we feel we cant talk... to people about these emotions, either because we worry about what they'll say, that they wont understand, or that theyll think the issue is too
At Bumps & Beginnings, our focus is on Mum not just Baby, and this scheme aims to link Mums facing, or having conquered, similar issues together, through email, social media, phone or face to face.Whether the concern is regarding IVF, Birth Anxiety, Breech babies, Csection, Gestational diabetes ... to Colic, Cradle-cap, Tongue-tie, Feeding problems, Bonding issues or Body image.

It is a Peer Supportive Service. No medical advice will be given, and any comments are the opinions of the individual, not Bumps & Beginnings, and shouldnt replace Professional guidance .... this is to give you an outlet to talk impartially, and feel reassured you are not alone!

So ... Would you like to be a volunteer Buddy? Do you feel you can offer the above to another lady (and appreciate your limitations)??

If you need a Buddy, CLICK HERE;

Be Happy Mummies! Xxx



Midnight Buddy Scheme ...

Being up in the middle of the night, at 2,3,4,5 ... Is a very lonely and isolating time. This closed group is designed to give you somewhere to talk to other Mummies up at the same time and dealing with the same issues as you.

This is a Facebook Group, so PLEASE respect each other, be confidential, and do not give medical advice.

Remember ... "Mummies who make the very best decisions for their babies, whatever decision that may be" - are NEVER WRONG!!





Personalised Peer Support

If you are pregnant or a new mum, and just want somewhere to voice any concerns, seek some peer support and advice, feel more confident in yourself and your journey, or just have someone impartial to vent those hormones at, then I am here!


The support I can offer can range from an occasional chat, to regular conversations or peer advice on a range of issues, and can be done through telephone, text, email, skype or face to face, depending on what you feel you need!


Feeling confident and calm throughout pregnancy, birth and early parenthood is vital for good bonding and good development, both in baby, but also in yourself - as a Mummy, but still retaining your own identity!


This is available across West Yorkshire!


"Thank you so much for all your help and advice, and for a kind ear when I was over-cooking!! Cant wait to get a big squeeze and show you the little man you helped into the world!"

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