Postnatal transitional support

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When a baby is born, so is a mother…. That mother needs to be supported as she transitions to this new role, without loosing sight of herself!


In todays society, many mothers feel isolated and overwhelmed, and many don’t meet their own breast-feeding expectations! This can lead to Mummies feeling low and potentially leading to more severe depression.


Traditionally, babies were brought up in a “shared care” environment, where they and their mother were surrounded by other women. This is how we learnt to be mothers, to feed, to interact …
helping our own Postnatal brain to develop, and our babies to grow and develop in a social society.


This feeling of trust in the people around us is strongly linked to Oxytocin – the joy hormone, which we also need to help us to bond with our babies (and birth our babies in terms of birth support).


Nowadays we live in a more masculine society where we no longer learn about birth, feeding, baby needs & emotional changes from our mothers and grandmothers – perhaps we have no family living nearby - we do not have our ‘village’. This leads us to put our trust in books and ‘experts’ rather than our own instincts – learning about our baby from our baby.


This ‘routined’ society is not great for Mummies – how can we fulfil all these expectations alone??

We are expected to fulfil all our previous roles, whilst we still find our feet in our new role as Mummy. We are full of blame & guilt, and we are not always truthful to each other about how we are – increasing the false expectations we place on ourselves – “well next doors baby already sleeps through the night and she is breast-feeding so easily – why is that not happening for me – I must be doing something wrong”. Not – at – all.


Everything is focused on baby! Baby shower, presents for baby …. But who is looking after Mummy?


Scientifically, a mothers brain changes as she transitions into motherhood. It becomes more ‘plastic’- easily moulded and shaped. This should be to her own body, intuition, and baby – and not shaped through information overload from the ‘routined’ world we live in.
If we do not embrace the “baby brain” – the natural and purposeful change – then we are living in a high adrenaline, low oxytocin bubble, which is not conducive to happy mummy, happy baby.

We become stressed, bored, afraid, anxious … competitive, controlling, judgemental … and overly independent.

But we are designed to work it out together!


When we feel safe, are able to trust & feel supported, we are in a high oxytocin environment, and we become more tolerant of the monotony (yes, parenting can be very monotonous), express emotions more freely, breast-feed more easily, and live in the moment – not the routine – we
address our babies needs as they arise!


Postnatal Transitional Support offers you what you need to reduce stress, and overthinking, allowing you to enjoy the transition into motherhood and create the right environment for your baby brain (those lovely bonding hormones). By looking after Mummy, we create happy, healthy Mummies, and therefore happy, healthy Babies!


We need time to heal physically, emotionally, and develop that mothering brain, that bond – so we
need to “mother the mothers”. Countries who respect this time of adjustment and support mothers through it, have a lower rate of postnatal depression.


This support can be given in a number of ways, but this period of adjustment lasts longer than the 2 weeks of Paternity leave … and what if you had a C-section, no partner, or no family near by?


We do not want mothers to become isolated, struggling alone, trying to reach unachievable expectations, holding in negative emotions and creating the high adrenaline life for her and her baby - but to be allowed to adjust in her own time, with a trusted, safe, and supportive female companion.


That’s where a Postnatal Transitional Supporter comes in.
Whether it be making you lunch or just a cup of tea while you chat … cleaning some of the home, or doing your ironing while you and baby sleep …. Bringing you a cooked dinner … Taking you out for a walk or to a group … massage & relaxation for Mummy … basic baby care advice and massage for baby ….
What would make the transition easier for you?


Mummies should never feel alone. Lets revolutionise mothering, and bring it back to tradition.
Afterall, happy Mummies make happy babies – we need to look after Mummy!!


support package

This is a Pick & Mix package so you can take the elements which would suit your needs the most. Available across W Yorkshire.

I am a trained Birth Doula, but not a trained Postnatal Doula, however I have developed this package in response to my experiences working with New Mums over the past 4 years, and as a mother myself and part of a large, close, extended family. I undertake regular CPD courses to increase my skills and knowledge.
For list of training qualifications, go to;


This package is a pick & mix package, with a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and concerns and to develop the package to suit you.


These can include but are not limited to …

- Birth Debriefing

- Emotional support & companionship
- Peer support & signposting (currently not offering trained breast-feeding support)
      • Basic baby care
      • Colic / Reflux relief techniques etc
      • Reflective Parenting Practices
      • Access to the Buddy Scheme
- Basic Domestic support & Dog Walking
- Looking after Mummy
      • Relaxation & Massage (including ‘Closing the Bones’ traditional massage - coming soon)
      • Watching little oes while you rest, or spend quiality time with other children.
      • Sounding board
      • Unlimited phone/text/email & skype support
- Building your Community
      • Support Groups
      • Walks
      • Relaxation sessions
      • Small Daisy BabyTM classes for you and any friends or buddies or join one of our regular  



Prices vary from £5/hr - £15/hr (+travel) depending on session requested, and can be paid for as pre-booked sessions on a monthly basis, or invoiced at the end of each month.

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